Posted in April 2013

Don’t Let Justice Go

If you are not a lawyer, or working in any part of the criminal justice system then this blog is aimed directly at you. It’s not a political statement, it’s aim is to explain in the simplest of terms what the government are about to do to your justice system. You will hear over the … Continue reading

The Concerns of a Caseworker

For those of you who do not already know, I am quite a busy woman. I work part time, study part time, I’m a mum and a housewife. I worked as a legal secretary for nearly 10 years, but the crime bug caught me 2 years ago and I decided to start studying law whilst … Continue reading

A comment on the MoJ’s consultation paper

I am passing on a comment to the MoJ’s consultation paper regarding legal aid and competitive tendering. The response belongs to a learned colleague of mine. His name is Will Nelson and is a criminal lawyer. He is a much better writer than me, and has kindly given his permission for me to publish this on … Continue reading