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Article: Save Legal Aid

For over 60 years legal has given people access to justice who otherwise couldn’t afford it. New government plans threaten this vital human right, says Gemma Blythe. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Justice put forward its plans to reform legal aid. The Government held a consultation period, running from April to June, and received … Continue reading

Don’t Let Justice Go

If you are not a lawyer, or working in any part of the criminal justice system then this blog is aimed directly at you. It’s not a political statement, it’s aim is to explain in the simplest of terms what the government are about to do to your justice system. You will hear over the … Continue reading

The Concerns of a Caseworker

For those of you who do not already know, I am quite a busy woman. I work part time, study part time, I’m a mum and a housewife. I worked as a legal secretary for nearly 10 years, but the crime bug caught me 2 years ago and I decided to start studying law whilst … Continue reading